Walter Newman, a middle-aged businessman, has just heard his son say he wants to quit school, leave home and explore the world. In confronting him, Walter is presented with the backpack and journal from his own youthful days of hitchhiking across the country. Once alone, he slips on the old backpack, opens the journal, and is transported to those simpler times on the road. His encounters with the unique individuals from his journey are portrayed in prose, song, and dance.  Through his remembering Walter begins to understand the importance of each person setting out and creating their own story.  But, more importantly, he begins to understand the powerful forces that compel us to “fit-in” and do what’s expected.


Walter     *     Barb     *     Matt     *     Walt     *     Lulu

Waitress     *     Mary Erickson     *     James Erickson     *     Howie     *     Police Officer

Jack     *     Edna     *     Marian     *     Georgia     *     Debbie     *     Sylvester



Act I

Scene 1: Home of Walter and Barb Newman

Scene 2: A Truck Stop on U.S. Route 2

Scene 3: Somewhere Near Superior

Scene 4: Western Minnesota

Scene 5: Along the Road in North Dakota


Act II

Scene 1: Havre, Montana

Scene 2: A Campsite in Glacier National Park

Scene 3: Along the Road near Wenatchee

Scene 4: Back Home at the Newman’s